Why is Public Nudity Connected to Utopianism?

charles-maurin/the-dawn-of-of-the-dream-or-les-fleurs-du-mal — Joie De Vivre movment in the 20th century was full of women nude by male artists. Is it really joie de vivre for both genders?

Nudity without sexual desire seems to be expressed in the arts about utopia and a perfect state of being. Human beings are expressing an opposite of an incorrectness, a cruelty, in the natural order of things, which is that nudity may always be sexualized.

In the same way that motherly love divides instead of multiplies as every new kid is born, human beings like to imagine worlds where the inherent cruelty of the world is erased, oftentimes leading to abstractions close to nothingness, because the good of the world fundamentally requires a bad to exist.

So let us address the issue of nudity and sexuality head-on: Why is it that human beings since the dawn of time have been hiding their genitals? Why is it, that when the woman grows breasts, the behaviors of people around her become “objectifying,” exploitative, and predatory? And her loved ones want to protect her by telling her to cover up or to finally act ladylike. The woman is plagued by being sexually desired outside of her control, and at the same time, plagued to sexually desire.

Sexual desires bring a want that is outside of one’s control as it exists in other people’s decisions. A powerful desire. Should human beings tame their desires, or hope for a “freedom” of competition but, unfortunately, have their desires multiply as they cannot be satisfied?

Let us go back to our main question: Why is nudity connected to perfectionism? Well, because, this art is entangled in paradoxes. Real human society cannot unassociate nudity with sexualization but in utopian art, it can. This is why, a Joie De Vivre art, often shows public and group nudity, unrelated to sexual desire.



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Nabil Houari

Nabil Houari

In the lines between fiction and reality. I blog about being both sensitive and evil.