“He’s Just a Kid.” — Why Children Don’t Offend

So I don’t care for ‘em.

I love a new TikTok trend emerging, the one where people say: “Before I get mad at my girlfriend, sibling, father, etc. I remember that I am talking to her/him.” Then, they show pictures of the person as a child.

How sick does it have to be for a human, that we only get offended when we think that someone is smarter, stronger, better, than us, to be able to be offended? Politeness came to make sure people are not unnecessarily scared. Manners are not a child’s expertise, and they don’t have to worry, because no one misinterprets a small child as a threat to safety at the cousin’s family or the neighborhood. In the case of a kid, we don’t care if they are being disrespectful, rude, or selfish, they are just kids. But we expect better and more formalities from an adult. Suddenly, when we grow up, what fellow adults can do says something awful about us. We’re scared of the opinions of an adult unlike a child or a cat. If an adult is disrespectful, we think: “What is it about me that made them think I deserve that?” Suddenly, we think adults know what they are doing, we think they are scary.

A child is being un-mannered to you? You roll your eyes. A child is being unmannered to you in front of your adult friends or their parents? You might say something to hurt them and prove your worth to fellow adults.

Growing up.



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Nabil Houari

Nabil Houari

In the lines between fiction and reality. I blog about being both sensitive and evil.