Anxiety and Depression from the Civil War Still Haunt Algerians

A “dusty” image of Frantz Fanon in the Blida psychiatric hospital “Frantz Fanon” in 2017. Photos by Joelle Abi Rached from “Frantz Fanon and the crisis of mental health in the Arab world,” 2021
Anxiety disorder rates in 2017, from
Depression rates in 2017, from

Psychiatry in Evolution

Some mental illnesses, like ADHD, have only been added to the Diagnostic manual in 1980, in its 3rd edition. In Algeria, and other countries in Europe, ADHD medication in the form of stimulants is not sold, but non-stimulants are. In this sense, the world is not in agreement with medications, or necessarily diagnoses criteria and mental illnesses.

Timeline in full screen: Link



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Nabil Houari

Nabil Houari

Utopianist, in the lines between fiction and reality. I’m a social science researcher & I blog on lifestyle and mental health.